Friday, June 22, 2007


Not that anyone is actually reading this, but I'm going to reboot this blog at some point, start over from scratch. For your current amusement, here is a zombie survival supply checklist:

Ideally, you want something that will keep for a hell of a long time, is easy to prepare, and will give you the nutrition you need. Military grade MRE's are probably the ideal ration you want. They're specifically designed to give someone all the nutrition they need when under combat conditions, and are completely self-contained, even including a cooker. They're lightweight, and easy to stow, and in a pinch, you can turn that heater into an explosive device, if what I read on the internets is accurate. Some of your better army surplus places will have the military grade MRE's, otherwise you may have to settle for civilian models. I'm given to understand that MREStar comes closest to matching the military spec ones, but ideally, you want military grade.
Other food can be scavenged from abandoned stores and supermarkets while on the road, but this will be intermittent. Try to lay in a good supply of MREs as a base, and supplement as you will with whatever fresh and/or canned food you can get your hands on.

It's always a good idea to have a handy supply of antibiotics, painkillers, and penicillin type drugs. They can be obtained in various ways, be creative. I personally have bronchitis which acts up every now and then, but I never need to take all the drugs they prescribe to me, so I hoard them. The same goes for other types of drugs, particularly painkillers. I take as few as possible when I get an occasional prescription for back pain or something. Not only does this reduce my dependency, since I really don't want to get addicted, but it allows me to have some in reserve for a crisis situation. A good first aid kit is a must, as well. Again, check army surplus stores. I can't say enough about how much better most military grade equipment is compared to civilian camping gear and what not. A lot of what I recommend is available at army surplus stores, and the prices are usually a lot cheaper than what you would find at a sporting goods place like Academy or REI.

BDUs. Again, army surplus. Not only are they good, rugged clothes with reinforcement in needed places, like knees and elbows, but they are often made in a ripstop fashion, and they have LOTS of pockets, all the better to stow your gear close to your body. Hell, I don't even buy jeans anymore, I just wear BDU pants when I want something other than shorts. And they make BDU shorts, as well. While you're at the army surplus store, get yourself a web belt, because there are other things you can get at the army surplus store to hang on it, such as:

I went into the army surplus store the other day, as I wanted to get a new bag. I found a great courier bag, hella durable. While I was there, I looked around for gear to fill out my zombie survival kit, and there's plenty:

Machete: The machete is the perfect blade for the novice melee combatant. It's durable, lightweight, easy to swing, and sharp enough to penetrate the skull and destroy the brain. It also costs under $15 for a good military grade model. Ideally, you don't want to get close enough to a zombie to engage them in melee combat, but you should be prepared for the eventuality.

Army shovel: There are several varieties. They all have a shovel blade that folds down, and there's usually a belt sheath included so you can hang it from your web belt. The main difference is that you have the kind with the fixed, longer wooden or metal handle. This is definitely durable, but can be awkward while hiking with it. There's also a kind where the handle itself folds up, and the whole shovel folds up into a belt sheath the size of the shovel blade. Personally, I prefer this one. The particular model I looked at had a good pointed shovel blade, a serrated edge on the right, and a good sharp knife edge on the left. It's designed for both digging trenches and cracking skulls. I loved it.

Knives and bayonets: Most army surplus stores will have a great variety of Ka-Bars, bayonets, not to mention the odd switchblade here and there. You can never have enough knives, and if you end up getting a rifle that can take a bayonet, (M1 Garands and AK-47s are some of the sturdier rifles when it comes to melee combat), you really should have one on hand.

I'll add more to this list later.

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I just found your blog - it's pretty interesting. If ya quit, that's when the zombies get you!